National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC (NRIA, LLC)

National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC (NRIA) is a project management firm that coordinates the financing, construction, tenanting, and resale of 100% new construction, luxury investment townhomes for qualified investors.

National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC: Overview

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For more than a decade, NRIA has delivered and continues to build upon a history of exceptional performance as a vertically-integrated investment, management, and development firm with extensive experience in ground-up construction and complete renovation of planned unit townhome, luxury single-family residential, condominium, multifamily and mixed-use rental development strategically located in many of the most dynamic urban markets across the East Coast. Our teams collective depth of knowledge within these specific markets continues to yield very compelling opportunities across the real estate investment risk spectrum.

Through strategic construction & property management agreements, NRIA maintains complete control through each investment(s) lifecycle. Our general contracting companies, US Construction and DMR are highly recognized residential and commercial builders on the East Coast, and through the coordinated marketing and management of Premiere Access, our current portfolio of nearly 1,000 rental / managed units continues to grow.

Each investment / project is prudently structured to (i) minimize unforeseen or perceived risk(s), while (ii) extracting the highest return for our investment partner(s). To-date, NRIA has delivered outsized equity returns averaging ≈116% (annualized; GP-level), with an average [GP] multiple of 3.40x. It is this history of exceptional returns that continues to support a growing investor base (accredited investors now 500+, with institutional partners initiating allocations). As a result, not only has our liquidity profile as a real estate development firm dramatically improved, it also has laid a solid foundation for our future expansion goals.


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