In early 2016, National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC (NRIA) began operating in the Brooklyn real estate market, after analyzing the ongoing market dynamics in the New York City. Over the past one year, NRIA’s assumption of enormous growth in Brooklyn real estate market has proven right. The median sales prices for residential properties continue to soar in the area, offering more & more profitable opportunities for investors.

Hot in Brooklyn – NRIA’s Latest Investment Properties Soon to be Sold Out

Recognizing the real estate market patterns early on, National Realty has established itself as a key real estate player in Brooklyn within a year by offering several highly profitable investment deals. Here are a few more deals by NRIA, which are yet to be sold out, but soon will be.

613 Baltic St.

613 Baltic St. is a 119 feet tall residential & commercial real estate property in the Park Slope neighborhood. Its classic stone structure blends in perfectly with Brooklyn’s architectural outlook. Out of its 47 residential units for sale, 32 units are already booked.

251 First St.

The beautiful glass structure at the intersection of 4th Avenue & 1st Street, 251 First St. is a residential townhome complex of 44 units where ‘beauty, function, necessity and luxury yield the promise of a great living experience’. Only 3 units of this amazing residential complex are currently available.

Hot in Brooklyn – NRIA’s Latest Investment Properties Soon to be Sold Out

223 7th Ave Condominium

This Park Slope condominium complex is another hot real estate investment opportunity in Brooklyn currently. Out of 6 condos, 5 have already been booked. Each condo has a gross livable area of 8,144 square feet.

144 St. John’s Place Condominium

These 4,000 square feet, newly built condo units are one of the major highlights of Park Slope neighborhood’s real estate. Private outdoor space, balcony, large sunny master bedroom – the property is an eye catcher for renters. There are total of 3 units, out of which 2 have already been sold.

Each of the above-listed property is the result of ingenious thinking and relentless efforts with the goal to address the rising demand of residential units in Brooklyn. There is no doubt that these units will attract renters and buyers for years to come. So, if you want to make the most out of these brilliant investment opportunities, visit or call us at 201.210.2727.