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#1. Pending Home Sales in U.S. Rise in February

According to the National Association of Realtors, pending home sales rose solidly in February to their highest level in seven months and remain higher than a year ago. Led by a sizeable increase in the Midwest… Continue reading →

#2. How to Use a 401(k) or IRA to Buy Real Estate Overseas

It’s important to remember that you can’t live in an investment property purchased with a retirement account… Continue reading →

#3. The Best And Worst States For Taxes In 2016

With tax day drawing near, it’s the time of year to gripe about why taxes are so darn high in your state. It’s as good a time as any to work on a better strategy for the next tax year. Since part of that strategy could be moving to a more tax-friendly state, we set out to find out which states offer the most favorable tax situations… Continue reading →

#4. Local Bank Attracts First-Time Home Buyers With a Simple Perk: 1% Student Loans

Buying a home with student loan debt can be really difficult, but one bank is trying to attract mortgage borrowers by refinancing their education loans… Continue reading →

#5. 10 Most Popular Sites near NRIA’s Museum Estate Project

10 Most Popular Sites near NRIA’s Museum Estate Project

A residential rental property, Museum Estate is a luxury complex of 8 home units. Museum Estate is strategically built at the former Please Touch Museum site, a luring Center City location that will make the complex a prime choice for tenants. Various public places, official buildings, museums, monuments, and other tourist attractions are located at a walking distance from the Museum Estate complex.… Continue reading →

#6. Real estate went up 50% here!

If you live in these cities, you’ll hate the following stats, but if you’re an investor looking for the next housing hotspots, take note…Continue reading →

#7. Here’s the salary you need to afford a home in these 27 cities

To afford a home in Pittsburgh, you’ll need to earn around $31,100 a year. But if you want to become a home owner in San Francisco, you’ll need a salary of nearly $148,000…Continue reading →

#8. Is Your Home a Death Trap? You May Be Eligible for Compensation

Four ways to help fund the removal of toxins from your home…Continue reading →

#9. Can First-Time Buyers Afford New Homes? Maybe in the South

New Home Sales Rise 16%, With Strength in the South…Continue reading →

#10. Miami residential property market prices still growing

Residential property in Miami, one of the most popular locations with overseas buyers in the United States is seeing prices continue to rise, the latest index figures show…Continue reading →

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