To safeguard profits, a well-seasoned investor looks for properties that will throw off positive economic cash flow as well as appreciate in value over time. 100% new construction, luxury rental properties purchased below market value in prime city neighborhoods, like those offered by National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC (NRIA), offer both positive economic cash flow and appreciation in value.

With NRIA’s program, clients are able to purchase undervalued, distressed lots at “wholesale” not “retail” prices. NRIA then coordinates the construction of a brand new, luxury townhome and uses only the highest grade Q2 materials and workmanship at a guaranteed fixed cost of building. This creates built-in equity value from hard construction dollars and under market buying of your property!

National Realty Introduces The Quarters at Fairmount

Plus, after construction is complete, under NRIA’s revolutionary “Five Year ‘Break Even’ Rent Guarantee” with the property manager, your rental income is guaranteed to cover all monthly expenses for five years, or else the property manager makes up the difference.

Because of the detailed controls NRIA applies to mitigate project risk, the results on NRIA investment properties are virtually locked in within small ranges of variance. If you are searching for rental properties that guarantee income as well as significant equity profits, then NRIA’s prime real estate investments could be a perfect fit for you! NRIA’s properties offer guaranteed, long term rents and 30%-60% annual yields on cash. Since 2006, NRIA has overseen the completion of over 600 equity-rich investment properties for its high-net-worth clients. Visit to learn more about NRIA’s investment properties and see if you qualify!

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