By the end of 2015, the Greater Philadelphia area will have an updated appearance. From infrastructural development to new trends, the city has gone through some enormous changes these past couple of years. Here we have a list of the most notable transformations Philadelphia has gone through so far 2015

Comcast Innovation and Technology Center (Comcast Tower)

On completion, Comcast Tower will be the brightest jewel of Philadelphia’s skyline leaving behind the iconic Liberty Place towers. This 342-meter under-construction tower has already secured the title of being the tallest building in the US outside Chicago and Manhattan. Besides being the head-quarters of Comcast, the tower will also be used as office & hotel space.

Expansion of Children Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

Children Hospital of Philadelphia and Hospital of University of Pennsylvania are expanding their facilities through a 23-story office tower at South Street. CHOP will be using the tower for medical research and administrative programs. The tower will also house a research staff of 1000 and will feature several clinical facilities.

The Growing Chef Wave

An exciting trend for people of Philly and visitors. Many chefs who have participated in national TV shows in recent years are heading Philadelphia. Many have even opened their own restaurants in the city. (Thanks to city’s welcoming policy towards new infrastructure!) Now, with this growing chef wave, Philly will be counted among country’s top culinary hubs like New York and New Orleans.

Dilworth Park

A two year renovation work on the Dilworth Plaza has resulted into Dilworth Park – a 120,557 square feet public area with 400 benches, a café, and an 11,600 square feet computer-programmable fountain that is turned into an open skating rink during winters. With the renovation, this previously underused and unattractive point of the city has become a popular recreational spot.

Hudson Hotel

A 12-story luxury hotel will replace the 5-story parking garage between Chancellor and St. James streets. With 300 rooms, 40 executive suites and high-end amenities, Hudson Hotel will be a welcoming change in the city. And given the city’s reputation as being one of the major tourist attractions, it is a much needed change too.

Energy Hub

Philadelphia’s nearness to Marcellus Shale natural gas production can turn the city into the East Coast’s energy hub. If so, Philadelphia will attract a line of manufactures that use oil and gas. Consequently, a huge industrial, economic and employment growth of the city.
Increasing Millennial’s

A recent survey says Philadelphia has the highest millennial growth rate among the major US cities. Meaning, a competitive environment of ideas and actions is slowly forming in the city. Thanks to Philly’s growing and thriving millennial population, Forbes magazine decided to organize its Under-30 Summit here.

Booming Housing Development

Increasing flux of millennials in the city is also giving rise to the need of accommodating them. But Philly has much in its reserve to accommodate that need. A few notable on-going housing projects are; Renaissance Plaza at North Columbus Blvd by Carl Marks & Co., Southstar Lofts at South Broad St. by Dranoff Properties, Bridgeview at the Delaware Waterfront in Penn’s Landing by National Realty Investment Advisors, and more.

Bridgeview at the waterfront PADrexel’s ‘Innovation Neighborhood’

In its quest of becoming nation’s one of the most inviting and dynamic urban universities, Drexel University is developing its ‘Innovation Neighborhood’ on a 12+ acres area next to its University City campus. The Innovation Neighborhood will comprise industrial joint ventures, interdisciplinary academic and research programs & facilities and will make Philadelphia leading research hub of the East Coast.
Bike-sharing Program

The first bike-sharing program of Philadelphia opened 60+ bike sharing stations throughout the city this spring. Now, instead of taking your car out, you can use much affordable, environmental-friendly, and healthy mean of public transport. Pick a bike from one station and drop on another, simple. Healthy city! Healthy you!

Undeniably, all these transformations are bringing Philly more tourism, investment, companies and employment. All these transformations are making the city more ideal and desirable to live in.

What your thoughts are on these transformations, tell us in the comment section below.

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