The site is really starting to take shape and many of the details are coming together which will bring the project into a finishing phase next. Swanson Street curbs are being installed and the binder coat paving is schedule for Wed. May 13th. Storm Water detention basin #2 will be 100% completed by May 15th.  The masonry work is finishing up on units 1-16 and is underway on the rear 50-75.

Bridge View at the Waterfront Project is Moving Along at Final Phase

PECO’s slow 4 month relocation of the electric poles on Columbus BLVD is finally complete ( leave it to the utilities to interfere so massively and unnecessarily  with schedules) so the retaining wall in front of units 50-75 will begin which will enable the masonry to start on the fronts.

The perimeter estate fencing and retaining walls are underway and should be completed in the next 2-3 weeks which will keep the development private.  Additionally, many of the stair wells and access point walkways and stairs are being scheduled and installed which will enable the infrastructure to fast forward.

NRIA is  pushing the builder, inspectors, banks, bank inspectors, Licensing & Inspection inspectors and trades and subs hard daily – fyi until completion and tenanting!

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NRIA, Bridge View at the Waterfront Project – Aerial Photo Progress Update