411 Manton Street in Philadelphia’s Pennsport neighborhood is a 3 story townhome, whose construction was undertaken by Philadelphia’s most trusted real estate investment advisory firm National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC.

This 3 story townhome has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and a well-equipped kitchen. The total gross living area of 411 Manton St. apartment is 1944 square feet. Here is the comprehensive view of the property space in the building sketch below:

NRIA’s Highly Profitable Property at 411 Manton St, Philadelphia

Since, NRIA, with the help of its construction associates, has built the townhome with highest quality of material and workmanship, the final sales value of the property was far more than its purchase cost.

Purchase Date Purchase Cost Sold Date Estimated Appraisal value Actual Closed Sales Price Gross Profit
Jan 6, 2011 $269,249 Dec 27, 2012 $375,000 $380,000 $110,751


To learn more about NRIA’s 411 Manton St. townhome and NRIA’s high property investment plan, call on 201-210-2727.