With more than 600 successfully completed projects in Philadelphia, PA area, NRIA, LLC continues to set break new heights in its partnership with clients. NRIA’s newly built property in Central City neighborhood, 7 S Bank Street is an ideal example on that.

With a gross usable area of 2,142 square feet, the 7 S. Bank St. is a luxurious apartment with 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and numerous modern amenities. The property is centrally located in the city neighborhood with restaurants, coffee shops, bars, parks, grocery storesand public transportation all within close walking distance.

Rental Property Case Study by National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC

Built for a total cost of approximately $520,000, which includes land purchase, construction price, and project management fees, the final appraised value of this newly constructed home is $960,000. This means there is a guaranteed starting built-in equity profit of $440,000.

All this is made possible with NRIA’s highly profitable investment plan. NRIA’s team of professional investment advisors locate deeply discounted land in the city neighborhood area. And after taking a small investment of $11,900 + 100% financing from clients, NRIA coordinates the construction with highest level construction material and workmanship. This in turn, drops the construction cost considerably, but ensures a high return property investment.

Besides a high net-equity return, there are various rent benefits that the NRIA investment system offers. The 7 S. Bank St. properties assure a monthly rental income of $3,250. Even after deducting the monthly cash-out flow including mortgage return, HOA fee, land tax, insurance, and property management fee, the final monthly rental benefit is just below $1,400, which means a net rent benefit is between $16,000 – 17,000 per year. This huge benefit margin is maintained especially because there is no property tax on newly constructed buildings in the Philadelphia, PA area by law.

This constant flow of cash is guaranteed for 5 years by NRIA

And the best part is, besides a high equity return, clients do not have to worry about rent collection and property management because everything is taken care of from NRIA’s end by its professional property managers.

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