NRIA manages safe, secured, investment returns from foreclosed, pre-foreclosed, and distressed investment property. With only $11,900 total cash-In plus closing, you get a brand new 100% new construction – $500,000 fully rented town home including $100,000+ of built-In starting equity profit over your cost and it’s all pre-rented and total cash flow economic positive.

The company locates for you, contract, & project manage 100% new construction on prime exclusive undervalued land. This process creates huge built-in instant equity investment profits for accepted clients and real value. After all you have a 100% newly built beautiful rental home purchased far below market re-sale value and rented long term.
What all it requires?

NRIA brings Massive Equity Return Properties with low investment in Philadelphia
NRIA secured investment properties require only a small $11,900 total cash-in, because the firm coordinates typically 90% to 95% financing of your investment property acquisition, construction, and closing costs with the construction Banks. Investment property success is virtually insured due to the sheer size of the starting $100,000+ equity profit position you earn in these beautiful pre- rented townhomes in prime neighborhoods. The sophisticated buying system and strategy allows you to buy your project at pure wholesale far below re-sale market value today.

NRIA’s volume purchasing power, network of wholesale property sources, auction bidding process for land purchases, builder quoting and fixed cost contracts, property investment analysis, due diligence experience, planning, zoning, permitting, and design expertise brings realty investors a massive built in equity profit.

Lastly, when the final reports and analysis are done, well before closing, everything is submitted to the construction bank for approval and sign off by the independent bank appraisal auditors and senior credit staff at the bank that approves your up to 95% financing and purchase. Your deal is audited by two sets of experts for safety, equity return, rents, and conservatism before funding approval. Approval is contingent upon your credit status, assets, income, balance sheet and the strength of the built-in equity in the property.

With NRIA, your realty investment is in safe hands. So dump all your worries and initiate a discussion with the team.