National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC (NRIA) has created a reputation in Philadelphia for coordinating and micromanaging high return, 100% new construction, luxury investment townhomes for affluent and high net worth investors.NRIA clients can earn long-term profits by following NRIA’s simple 6 step program (outlined below), which includes their revolutionary “cash recycling” investment system for real estate portfolio creation.

High Return Realty Investing with NRIA – in 6 Simple Steps

  1. Review the High Return Real Estate Opportunities

NRIA offers its clients a dedicated project manager who helps them in reviewing NRIA’s featured property and investment plan. NRIA targets low-priced land in city neighborhood, and ensure clients a minimum equity return of $150,000. All property management related issues are handled from NRIA’s end.

  1. Reserve Your Selection

With a little investment of $11,900 clients can reserve their desired property. Your deposit money is refundable without any processing charges for first 15 days. Depending on the time taken in approving the financing for your property purchase, the time limit can be extended.

  1. Receive Financing

After you submit your property purchase application, NRIA team coordinates with construction bank to finance your project. NRIA’s expertise in the field helps you obtain the best financing options available. If you qualify, you easily receive 100% financing from corporate bank on your $11,900 money deposit. You can also park your cash in the project for saving interests and get back 100% of your cash-in during the refinance process. This is called NRIA’s near “zero” cash-in ownership model.

  1. Construction

After securing financing for your project, NRIA team will do the auditing and overseeing of the construction of new luxury townhome. NRIA team makes sure all properties are built with highest quality material, and by following standard procedures to provide efficient output. In an effort to add safety for clients, NRIA assures that your new townhome is built on time, otherwise the constructor will have to pay you for every day’s delay. Additionally, the cost of the project is also fixed. NRIA team emails its clients the bank certified inspection reports every 3-6 weeks to keep them well-updated on construction progress.

  1. Benefit from Guaranteed Rents & Professional Property Management

NRIA offers its clients 5-year rent guarantee to help them pay down their monthly mortgage. With this, NRIA ensure that it clients get a constant positive flow of cash. Additionally, property management, rent collection, absentee handling, all it done from NRIA’s end. All you have to do is deposit your monthly rent check.

  1. Property Resale

If you want to sell your property, NRIA is just a call away from coordinating the property details through its professional property managers with top buyers in the town. From furnishing to showing house, everything is handled by NRIA. All you have to do is show up and collect a high, built-in equity return on your property investment.

By following this process, National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC builds and manages luxury investment homes that are owned 100% by investors.

With over 600 successful projects that come with guaranteed equity and rents, NRIA is changing how investors view real estate as an investment option.

Visit NRIA website to learn more about NRIA’s one of a kind real estate investment plan. Or call 201-210-2727 to discuss the current investment opportunities available.