Waterfront properties are a phenomenal concept of luxury residences in Philadelphia. Investors who look for peaceful locations to live yet want to enjoy the city life prefer waterfront properties. These houses are packed with the comforts of both world viz. landscapes and metropolis.

Why should investors invest in waterfront property?

Invest in waterfront properties if you want to own a secure & profitable real estate deal. Investing in this sector can give you high returns as the prices keep growing with value appreciation. Moreover the apartments near water views are never out of demand so the selling opportunities are also greater. The only trouble one may face while buying them is the skyrocketing prices. But, finding local real estate companies can help you get best deal.

NRIA is one firm that makes such properties available at $11,900 plus financing. Its Bridgview project (just concluded) is a productive option for realty buyers who look for waterfront properties. It offers newly built residences guaranteeing rental income for 5 years. Also the properties are tax free for 10 years and give investors the freedom, to rent, live or sell them further.


The company is a celebrated name among high net worth clients of Philadelphia and has completed 500+ projects. You can contact National Realty Investment Advisors LLC for more details on waterfront properties as well as to buy other properties at $11,900 plus financing.