Philadelphia has long been known for arts and culture, but there may soon be another unique addition. National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC reports on the expansion in the shale oil & gas industries in Pennsylvania are now having a substantial effect on investment in Philadelphia. Philadelphia is a transportation hub and water port access point for oil and gas ultimate distribution. It is the logical location for the aggregation of shipments and ship carriage outbound. Confirmation about this NRIA strategic investment insight and its effect on local jobs and real estate recently came from CNBC.

CNBC has reported that Philadelphia is slowly turning into an energy hub. While its nearness to the Marcellus Shale fields is being credited for the common sense of the investment opportunity, the city’s impressive network of commercial railroads also deserves significant reporting. Experts at NRIA agree that the physical infrastructure and access to export markets that Philadelphia provides are unmatched for the output and shipping of these gas and oil resources for this booming Pennsylvania industry.  It is only logical, NRIA inside reports state “that investment in shipping and possibly pipeline infrastructure will bring thousands of new jobs and opportunities for Philadelphians as well as be a new additional boost to its already hot real estate market.

Houston and New Orleans are favored destinations for oil and gas production to me aggregated and shipped from in the west – but what about the east? It seems Philly is also ready to claim its share of the shale oil boom.

In fact CNBC recently reported Sunnoco’s announcement of a $2.5Billion Dollar pipeline project into Philadelphia as its end distribution point. This energy investment will certainly benefit Philadelphia’s economy and also neighboring regions. New employment opportunities will surely come up in the job market, and give a reason of celebration to skilled local professionals.

While it still remains to be seen how development of oil and gas industry in Philadelphia will entirely play out in its new positive economic influence over the local economy, National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC is committed to earning its clients the highest safe returns from investment real estate in Philadelphia a hotspot of realty investment. NRIA’s  team of highly qualified real estate investment experts manage projects typically returning 40% to 60% on cash invested in Philadelphia properties for investors from all over the United States buying income producing  investment homes in Philly utilizing NRIAs low money down 100% financed and low cost investment structures.

Oil and Gas production and its ultimate shipping will further strengthen Philadelphia’s steady economy with even more demand and jobs and continue to position Philly as an ultra profitable investment destination. NRIA will be keep you updated about new property ventures supplying the ongoing demand for energy sector employee housing, and upcoming investment opportunities in Philadelphia. Follow us on Twitter for real estate news and updates.