US real estate market went through major ups and downs in the last decade, and the journey ahead is not smooth as well. BPC Housing Summit 2014 made it clear, and National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC believes every word of it.

At the Washington event, policy makers and home builders agreed that US real estate market will soon go through a major demographic transformation.

National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC is here to share the major findings and observations of the BPC Housing Summit 2014.

Academics and real estate experts highlighted three major details that will reshape real estate market in the United States:

The rise of younger age group

Statistics reflect that 23 year old Americans will soon make the single largest age group. While the fact seems impressive, it is uncertain whether these young adults just starting their careers will have the money to buy residential properties with student loans & other credit commitments.

Motivations of millennial generation

Owning a home and starting a family is no longer the top priority of young men in their early 20’s. Young adults are more concerned about reaching a safe position in their careers. Thus, according to NRIA, rental properties might see an upward demand in coming years.

Property needs of baby boomers

After the 23-year age group, baby boomers aged 54 years will be the biggest age group. They will have the money and their property needs will surely influence the real estate market of the United States.

As clearly stated at BPC Housing Summit 2014, U.S. real estate will surely go through a major transformation in upcoming years but one thing is certain; the demand of rental properties is bound to go up. National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC is here to help you make profits from the approaching demand of rental homes.

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