Investment town-homes can generate monthly income if they are rented on long term leases. Investment experts at National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC are of the opinion that there are various lesser known points that influence the renting prospects of a town home.

To help real estate investors and home buyers get the best deal, NRIA shares the top 5 rarely mentioned points that turn away renters as well as buyers.

Local rumors

Negative stories related to building, development and zoning changes can make a property less desirable for buyers. Tidbits of urban development plans highlighting rerouted freeways and incoming subways often act as a major obstacle for home buyers.

Property Expectations

If home buyers approach a realtor after going through the images available on the online listing but find the home remodeled, then, buyers will surely be disappointed. This can be avoided by sharing accurate property details and recent images.

Open house cues

Home buyers that visit an open house with a predefined budget and come across large number of visitors sometimes disqualify themselves and never make an offer. This issue can be managed by updating buyer’s broker about acceptable offer.

Pestering Neighbors
If you are not comfortable with noisy children, and discover that your next-door neighbor has an army of it, then, obviously you will be little hesitant. People also avoid buying or renting townhomes near poorly kept homes.

Neighborhood also plays a very crucial role in renting a townhome or apartment. Thinking of the same reason, National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC builds its townhomes in Philadelphia’s prime locations.

Are you familiar with any other lesser known reasons that might hinder the rental prospects of a townhome? Share them in the comments sections and we will consider them for inclusion in the post!