National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC keeps tabs on all kind of properties as a part of its job. Recently, we came across few historical properties of Philadelphia while exploring areas near Fairmount Park. These properties are built hundreds of years ago and still hold the magnificence to look upon for architecture & comfort.

1. Belmont Mansion

This historic mansion was built in 18th century. It is known among the best buildings of USA that are based on Palladian architecture. The land for this property was acquired by William Peters in 1742 & the building was raised 3 years later.

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2. Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is a manor house that NRIA found most incredible due to its mesmeric location. The countryside in outer part of Philadelphia grabbed attention of a couple and this house was created in 1761. Thomas Nevell was hired to develop building as per Georgian architecture. The house spreads on 1 acre of land has been declared a National Historic Landmark in 1974. More Info

3. Cedar Grove

Cedar Grove was initially located near north east Philadelphian in Frankford. In 1926, it was moved to Fairmount Park and was last possessed by Lydia Thompson Morris. The house has served as summer lodge for five generations and has marvelous indoors. Perfect furnishings and all amenities equipped with it, make property a masterpiece till date.

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4. Concord School House

The house was built in 1775 and presently serves as a museum. Named after a ship, concord is a one room house and listed among the national register of historic places.

5. Hatfield House

This historic house was constructed 254 years ago and got the status of national places of historical value in 1972. The house is located in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia. Hatfield House exhibits colonial revival & Greek Style architecture and is still venerated for its design excellence. Read more about this property

All the buildings listed above manifest different planning and construction but the most appreciable & common thing is their robust structure. These properties are still doing well despite of all odds due to their long lasting built.

Tell National Realty Investment Advisors LLC how you find our list of historical properties in Philadelphia. If you know some similar properties that would interest other readers, then share with us in comments.