Are you not able to find affordable investment property in Philadelphia? Most of the investment queries that National Realty Investment Advisors receives are about the skyrocketing prices in real estate. The properties in central of Philadelphia have become unaffordable for investors. So, we offer them rental property investment that is economical & profitable.

How NRIA’s Investment idea is Better & Affordable?

The company offers assured returns on rental property investment. As a buyer you just pay $11,900 cash and national realty investment advisors give you a newly-constructed rental property. You get a pre-rented property with built-in equity profit without having to bother about finding right location or looking for mortgage companies.

The investment is safe and promises higher property returns in Philadelphia. NRIA coordinates almost 95% of finance for you and manages everything itself. Other major benefits of investing in NRIA’s rental properties include:

  • You get a property at a much reduced cost.
  • You don’t need to pay tax for 10 years.
  • Your property is pre-rented so you are free from worries of finding tenants too.

The huge volume of land purchased & auction bidding process to buy every new land makes the acquisition less costly. National Realty Investment Advisors LLC has vast network which simplifies land search and gets you a property that would otherwise cost much higher. The whole process of raising these rental townhomes goes through many stages where everything is planned after analysis to ensure that properties owned by investors have the potential to grow in value. Also the absentee ownership entitles you of rent and you don’t have to share the deed for it. So, this is the best kind of deals you would ever find in Philadelphia especially if you want to invest for long term without paying big.

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