Philadelphia is a one of the largest metropolitan cities and has hundreds of things to explore. Apparently most of the people miss out the real fun of being in Philadelphia due to ignorance of city culture & attractions. We have created this list of Philly’s not-to-miss stuff so your stay is good whenever you plan to visit or relocate to this place.

Philadelphia is known as the city of firsts

The city is known as city of firsts because various first things of country happened here like first zoo, first flag sewn, the first art college of country (Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts) etc.

Philadelphia’s cheesesteak is the popular regional food

Cheesesteak is a sandwich made of thin steak slices and cheese. It is popularly known as Philadelphia cheesesteak. This regional fast food has a long history and was developed in 20 century. John’s Roast Pork, Tony Luke’s, Geno’s Steaks, Steve’s Prince of Steaks are few of the top places to get best cheesesteak in Philadelphia.

Country’s first zoo is in Philadelphia

Yes, you can visit country’s first zoo here. It was opened in 1874 and has above 1400 animals. The zoo is situated in centennial district of Philadelphia and spread over 42 acres. Main animals found there include Koosaka, Terney, Petal, Gus, Batu, Stella, Changbai.

Philadelphia’s Scrapple is supposedly the first pork food created in America

It is a fried loaf of pork made with cornmeal, wheat flour & spices. This loaf made with the leftovers and cut into three quarter inch slices is the common Pennsylvania Dutch breakfast. You can find the best scrapple at places like Club Diner, Dutch Eating Place, Mrs. K’s Koffee Shop, Little Pete’s Restaurant etc.

It has many Museums

The city is perfect fit for artsy people. With so many museums and art colleges it promises best treat to artists as well as art lovers. Don’t forget to visit Philadelphia Magic Gardens, Woodmere Art Museum, Mutter museum and Philadelphia Museum of Art & Rodin Museum. There are others too but these names top the list of Philly ‘s museums.

Apart from this, the city gives you the choice of best clubs, best parks and best lifestyle. People don’t only enjoy visiting but move in to the city for all the comforts & fun filled life. They prefer it over New York because the property rates are more affordable here. So, don’t hesitate from finding a place in Philadelphia for a vacation or permanent stay.

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