You may get various investment ideas from here & there but investing in real estate is still one of the most promising deals around you. The property market has bounced back after 2009 recession & the statistics shared by research firm Green Street Advisors Inc shows that it has grown by 71% since then. Commercial properties’ value has risen by 8% & is expected to bring more opportunities for real estate investors in the USA in next one year.

So, it is a good idea to put your money in property. Here are few other reasons why realty investment was a better for you in 2014:

  • Investment in real estate is worthwhile because it gains more leverage. You get a manageable mortgage and your capital increases with a down payment.
  • You get the exemption from tax too due to interest paid for property mortgage. The interest deductions make your cash flow tax free, and by the time you are free of interest, the appreciation in property value bring more profits.
  • You can save your tax on rental properties by using other tax reduction strategies, e.g., as a real estate professional/investor you can get a deduction on salary paid to your family members for managing your property in your absence.
  • Rental investment acts like retirement plan so, buying a property now to support your life after retirement. You can expect significant returns in the long-run, especially if you buy rental property because it builds future cash flow.

Being a real estate investment advisors company, we at NRIA come across many queries that show suspicion over real estate for monetary benefits after last recession. But, at the same time, we know many entrepreneurs who have invested their money in our rental properties owing to the above-listed benefits.

So, we suggest the first time investors and people who have lost trust in realty sector to make a new beginning & enquire about the best possible options around them. Making good earnings from properties is primarily a matter of right choice delivered at the right time. So, don’t hesitate to explore.

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