National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC (NRIA) announces the commercial success of the recent 910 N. Front St. investment property. ThisPhiladelphia property was completed on December 20, 2013 and started generating monthly rental incomefor the owner immediately.

With an appraised value of $640,000 (as of January 2014) and approximate total cost basis of $380,000, 910 N. Front St. will generate an estimated equity profit of $260,000 when the property owner decides to sell.

National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC
Sharing more details about the 910 N. Front St.investment property in Philadelphia, Tina Colombo, Business Administrator at NRIA, stated:

“910 N. Front St. is one of our most recent success stories. As of January 5, 2014, actual rent from the property stood at $2,400 per month. The monthly rent is covering regular expenses related to the mortgage, insurance, and property tax payments. So, with only $7,500 cash-in, our client now owns a pre-rented, luxury investment property in a top city neighborhood; their home is professionally managed by an experienced and reputable property management firm; and under their “5 Year Guaranteed ‘Break Even on Expenses’ Rent Agreement” with the property manager (a contract that comes standard with all of NRIA’s investment properties) their rent is guaranteed to cover monthly expenses for 5 year!”

National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC
With proven results like these, it is easy to see why NRIA is revolutionizing the real estate investment industry in Philadelphia. Professionals who used to focus their investments in the unstable, unpredictable, risky stock market are now choosing to invest with NRIA’s safe, secured real estate investment plan. The firm proudly acknowledges that its strategic investment strategy has continued to prove itself by consistently generating substantial,built-in, equity profits for each and every one of the company’s high net worth clients.

The NRIA team discussed its savvy investment approach during a recent interview and stated:

“When broken down to its most basic components, NRIA’s strategic property investment plan is actually quite simple. We locate undervalued raw land in prime city neighborhoods; coordinate the construction of a brand new, luxury town home exclusively using the highest level building materials;we pre-rent the property for our client for 5 years and manage it with the help of licensed professionals; we conduct annual property inspections to make sure the home is holding its resale; plus, with Philadelphia’s tax advantages and our stringent cost controls, we complete the project at lowest possible cost and generate the highest possible equity return for our clients. 910 N. Front St. is one of many projects that proves our firm’s proficiency and expertise in building and managing 100% new pre-rented homes”

National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC
NRIA’s property investments are quickly gaining popularity because of the company’s proven track record and their client’s undeniable success stories – such as the built-in equity profit generated for the owner of 910 N Front St.

About National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC

National Realty Investment Advisors LLC is a professional project management firm that coordinates& micromanages top quality real estate investment properties for high net worth clients for only a small cash-in of $11,900. Since the company’s formation in 2006, NRIA has completed more than 600 successful new construction and renovation projects in Philadelphia. To learn more details about 910 N. Front St. or to discuss any other real estate investment query call NRIA at 201.210.2727 or visit them on the web at