NRIA’s rental management service is part of its unique real estate investment model that is risk free and promises great returns. The company deals in foreclosed, pre-foreclosed, distressed investment property and offers best & secured realty plan. Here are the salient features of this plan:

Low Risk, Low Cash Investment & Higher Returns

The firm acquires undervalued properties for its high net worth clients and undertakes everything from construction to rental management. The team has skilled staff that takes care of all activities like finding right location, finance planning, getting legal permits, rental management, re-sale etc. Being an absentee ownership plan, investors need not to take any hassle once they have paid. In a way you just pay $11,900 to own a property & rest is managed by NRIA.

Guaranteed Rent without Sharing your Deed

Returns are assured when you chose NRIA as you don’t share ownership with anybody. The property owned by you promises net equity as well as rental value. You enjoy being landlord by getting guaranteed monthly rent for 5 years (without bearing maintenance expense).

No Tax – 10 years Advantage

Along with usual realty investment benefits NRIA gives its clients freedom from tax for 10 years. This clause attracts many investors as a big profit ratio gets slashed most of the times due to tax payments. But that’s not the story with NRIA’s rental properties since you are free of any property tax for 10 years.

National Realty Investment Advisor safeguards your investment by concluding everything as per legal framework. Your cash gets in safe hands and in 10 years reaps the benefits that no other property managers can offer. The company doesn’t only promise but meet it too by converting your one time investment to lifetime profit.

You can talk to National Realty Investment Advisors realty experts for taking further information on this low cash-in scheme. Or, leave your comment below to share any of thoughts on this post.