US investors are not the only ones interested in real estate. Even foreigners are buying residential and commercial properties in the United States of America. Special incentives & tax advantages given by local governments & bodies are boosting property investment. Philadelphia real estate is the most suitable example of such real estate boost.

City of Philadelphia’s Tax Abatement Policy

The City of Philadelphia follows the policy of 10-year real estate tax abatement to encourage reconstruction of deteriorated industrial and commercial properties. This policy has motivated companies like National Realty Investment Advisors LLC to undertake property development work on behalf of its high net worth clients.

NRIA builds top quality rental properties for its clients on such undervalued land with tax advantages. By partnering with licensed professionals, the team of real estate investment specialists keeps the development cost low and passes all the cost, value & rent benefits to clients.

Build Your Investment Home in Philadelphia

Build an investment home in Philadelphia without worrying about rent collection and property maintenance. Professional real estate investment companies offer rental property management along with development so that clients don’t have to worry about mundane tasks. Call 201 210 2727 to enquire about real estate investment opportunities in Philadelphia.