With NRIA you own 100% of the Equity in your long-term rented investment homes – without any sharing or partners. What’s more is, you never deal with any tenant issues or concerns. That’s because the tenants are high-quality top credits and NRIA provides complete professional day-to-day management handling all property issues.

The skilled NRIA team professionally micromanages all aspects of the project. This starts with locating your property, quoting it to the Builders, coordinating the financing, zoning, building, and title experts, and supervising construction. It finishes with your property being built and long-term rented for you on a positive economic basis by your Property Manager! Your typical rent is $2,000 to $2500 per month!

You are free to conduct your normal work activities as always, while your investments grow for you under complete Professional Management and with your 100% absentee ownership and control!

With NRIA, you have the best of all worlds – you stay employed earning money in your daily occupation – at the same time each of your safe, Built-in Equity properties already includes $100,000 of equity gain, long-term rents, positive tenant pay down of your principal (typically $500 per month), positive economic cash flow, tax advantages , and additional opportunity for long-term appreciation.

However, the best thing about your rented building – purchased far under market re-sale value – is that your property already has $100,000 of built-in equity in it, and rents paying your principal down – even if prices do not appreciate!

In today’s world, you need proven, safe, investments with high returns that work. You cannot simply trust stocks or your 401k alone. You need balanced diversity which should include the best Real Estate Projects for small investors in America — those provided by NRIA.

Our 100% repeat clients -provide testimony of the proven success of our Prime Rental Realty investment method!

National Realty has over 100 repeat investor clients that do deal after deal with us every month! They are some of the brightest, most educated and demanding high net worth investors in the USA (and we’ll have you talk to them).

You don’t get super smart, highly educated customers repeating over and over with your real estate projects unless you have a proven safe, audit-able, and accurate system and track record of achieving promised results!

Nobody else – but YOU – is paying into your 401 K right? But with National Realty Investment Advisors LLC properties — you have the Tenant doing your “contribution” for you, Professional Day to Day Management, Absentee Ownership and 100% of the Deeded Property rents and profits are yours!

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