No real estate investment firm understands wealth generation from rental properties better than National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC. The team of highly qualified real estate investment specialists has completed more than 615 new projects in Philadelphia that are generating long term revenues for owners.

NRIA’s Unique Real Estate Plan

National Realty Investment Advisors LLC undertakes property development and management with a real estate investment plan that promises built-in equity & monthly rents. In exchange of small cash-in of $11,900, the firm purchases undervalued land & builds top quality homes for its high net worth clients by partnering with 11 licensed professionals.

The newly built home is pre-rented for 5 years, generates monthly rents that cover maintenance expenses, and leaves behind a considerable amount of profit. So, the property technical pays off itself.

Tax advantages

National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC passes all the tax and cost advantages to clients, making the real estate investment even better. Rental properties developed by NRIA include no property tax for 10 years, leaving more profits in clients’ pocket.

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NRIA’s clients also don’t have to worry about property maintenance, rent collection, and other cumbersome tasks. The company manages it all with professional partners.

Invest in rental properties for safe & high paying investment. Call 201.210.2727 to speak with NRIA team and discuss all your real estate investment queries.