National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC (NRIA) has been conducting new construction and renovation real estate investment projects in center city Philadelphia since 2006. Since then, each of their 600+ properties has generated a substantial equity return for the investors involved. The newest, 31 unit development, The 412 Luxe Townhomes, is no different. For example, with an appraised value of $640,000 (as of July 2013) and approximate total cost basis of $400,000, 412 N Front St Unit 30 has generated an estimated equity return of $240,000 for the property owner. A few reasons why NRIA’s investment properties are such a success for investors are because of:

Property location

The 412 Luxe Townhome complex is located in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia.Northern Liberties is an ultra-chic, upper income realty neighborhood generally occupied by medical and business professionals. As guaranteed by the NRIA realty investment methodology, Unit 30 is able to cover its monthly expenses from the monthly rent check collected.

                                                                             National Realty Investment Advisors LLC


Investment Details:

This particular NRIA investment property required a total cash-in investment of $7,500 cash-in. As stated above, the resale value of the pre-rented property stands at $640,000, which generates an estimated $240,000 equity profit for the owner. Furthermore, as per NRIA’s  real estate investment plan, 412 N Front St #30 includes no property tax for 10 years and is pre-rented for 5 years.

NRIA’s Strategic Process:

NRIA follows a highly calculated and strategic investment process and has all the necessary affiliations and accreditations. NRIA manages to generate substantial equity returns from minimal monetary investment by securing undervalued raw land in top city neighborhoods and building 100% new construction, luxury investment townhomes at wholesale prices with the help of 11 partnered licensed

The National Realty Investment Advisors prides itself for teaching high net worth individuals to better understand the fundamentals of absentee ownership and professional management. Call 201.210.2727 to learn additional details of 412 N Front St #30 property or to find out more about NRIA’s current investment opportunities.

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