With inflation rising on yearly basis and medical expenses going through the roof, one can no longer depend on employer-sponsored 401(k) or individual retirement account (IRA). For living later years in luxury and comfort, retirees have started looking beyond these traditional options.

Investment in real estate and rental properties is gaining popularity amongst people nearing retirement age. Companies are coming up with retirement-focused real estate investment plans because of following reasons;

People want to keep their Lifestyle – Retirement is meant to enjoy the good things, and definitely not to tone down your lifestyle. Real estate investment generates additional income and helps people in maintaining their lifestyle.

Traditional Retirement Plans are not Enough – Retirees can no longer put their money on retirement options like pension plans. Company sponsored 401(k) is equally inadequate.

For a retirement free of financial compromises, go for a real estate investment that generates long-term returns. Working professionals in their later thirties and early forties are increasingly considering rental properties to boost retirement savings.

Investment in real estate also generate following benefits;

More Cash in Hand – With monthly rents coming in every month, your bank balance will increase drastically leaving you more money to spend on other investment options like stocks and bonds.

Emergency Funds – Real estate investment will leave more money in your hand every month. So, you will be better prepared to meet medical & family emergencies. In case a need arises, you can sell the investment home as well.

Family Security – With a rental home generating additional income every month, your better half and children would be better positioned for uncertain future.

Real estate companies like NRIA( National Realty Investment Advisors LLC ) are helping high net worth individuals secure their future by building & managing quality real estate properties at a small cash-in.

Whether you choose a real estate investment plan from an established company or buy a second home on your own, the profits will help you in planning your retirement in a better way.

However, make sure you research, study property market and consult experts before finalizing the deal. Call 201.210.2727 to learn how you can build a retirement portfolio of 20 homes and live a life of leisure after retirement.

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