Investing in real estate can be very profitable – but only if you make smart investments. To help those who are considering a real estate investment venture with their decision, National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC shares the best, smartest ways to proceed when investing in real estate. Additionally, National Realty discusses the most important tips to remember when undertaking a real estate investment project.After reading this post, the reader will know what investment opportunities are available in the real estate market and how to capitalize on them by minimizing risk.

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There are two types of real estate investments:

• Residential

• Commercial

Residential Investment Ventures

Most working professionals and first-time investors think of residential real estate when they think of property investment. Generally, people buy residential properties for one of two investment motives:

• To fix-up a property and re-sell it for a higher value

• To lease a property to a tenant and generate monthly rental income

Whether you are buying with the motive of re-selling or renting, you first need to have a strong financial base to purchase the property.

One option to do this is to utilize a high credit score and good borrowing power with the bank to build your investment home. National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC specializes in this method. National Realty helps high net worth professionals finance, build & maintain top-quality, pre-rented townhomes for $11,900 cash-in plus 100% financing. Check out Youtube video to learn more about National Realty’s investment plan.

Tips To Remember While Undertaking a Residential Property Investment

•  Consult property experts – If you are investing in real estate for the first time, it is best to have an expert, like National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC, by your side to help with the research and paperwork. It can be a friend with real estate experience or registered local agent.

•  Study market conditions and predictions – Government policies, market demand, and future predictions can influence property prices. So, take the property leap only after studying these factors.

•  Know the neighborhood – Closely study property condition, transportation options, neighborhood, and other local factors. Properties closer to parks, schools and other utilities grow quickly in value.

•  Hire a property manager – Managing your real estate purchase on your own might save you some money but it will increase the risk factor. So, National Realty highly recommends you undertake your first property investment only after consulting with experts.

 Commercial Investment Ventures

If you have a bottomless wallet, then you should consider investing in commercial real estate. Commercial properties include small shops, shopping stores and high-end commercial spaces. With few exceptions, commercial investments are usually undertaken by groups of investors or established companies. Generally, commercial properties are purchased for one of two reasons:

• To use the property for establishing or expanding an existing business

• To lease the existing property to a tenant and then earn monthly rental income

A commercial investment requires large cash reserves but can come with numerous advantages. For example, if you are planning to lease the commercial space, you will not be responsible for maintenance and repairs. To an unexperienced property investor, this might make commercial investment properties sound superior to residential investments. However, there are still a few crucial points one needs to be aware of before investing in commercial real estate.

Tips To Remember While Undertaking a Commercial Property Investment

 • Get professional advice – Commercial investments require large amounts of money – thus, it is critical to invest wisely. It is suggested that you get professional help from a lawyer, commercial broker and/or accountant.

Identify the right property – Given a choice between a famous locality and developing neighborhood for your shop, which one will you choose? Your decision and understanding of local factors will decide future revenues.

• Evaluate – The right location and customer base is not everything. Evaluation of the chosen property with broker or property experts is critical to choose the right commercial property.

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Whether you choose to invest in residential home or commercial property, we highly recommend the following:

• Play it safe by consulting property experts

• Study market conditions and make informed decisions

• Know the neighborhood you intend to invest in

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