Real estate fascinates investors all over the world but beginners usually are full of questions about the best ways to invest in the property markets.National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC is here to acquaint young investors with the real estate investment trends of 2014, past and future. In this quick beginners guide to investing in real estate, the firm suggests 3 best practices to making investment real estate both safe and high return:

Buying Property For Development

Buying real estate for development takes a lot of research and leg work. Buying raw land offers the highest returns – when done intelligently. The key is determining the true after built value the property will sell for and being below that price That takes lots of hard work and attention to the details of locating, zoning, designing, quoting and financing such a project – just for starters. NRIA Investment Realty Professionals take the risk out of this laborious equation.


Last but not least is truly understanding financing alternatives. NRIA expert financial analysts will set up a plan with minimum cash in, low risk, maximum built-in equity for resale and everything paid for by their managed tenants.

Buy and Rent Townhomes

Developing single family rental properties is one of the most popular ways to invest in real estate. It can earn you monthly positive cash flow if you’re cost basis is not too high. Buying a real estate property and then renting it to tenants can generate a regular stream of income for property owners.

However, remember when you are the property manager this form of property investment demands tenant rent related calls, maintenance work, property checks and other exhausting chores. So, if you have the spare time and are prepared for the aggravation to upkeep your rented property, only then, go for this investment self-managed option. It will still have limited results if your experience in developing properties is limited. If that’s not for you go with the investment expert professionals available at National Realty. The NRIA real estate packaged investment program for absentee owners provides the highest safe returns in the United States.

Absentee Ownership & Professional Management

High net worth individuals who want to invest in real estate but don’t have the time to bother with property search, development, and maintenance choose this option over above-listed ones. In the absentee ownership scenario, all the real estate investment related headaches are offloaded to and managed by the property manager partner company itself. National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC is one of the leading US firms to offer absentee ownership & management services on high return, low-cost, safe managed Realty.

NRIA has completed more than 615 new construction and renovation projects since 2006 under its proven real estate development investment strategy. Call at 201.210.2727 and learn how to invest in real estate that guarantees high rents for five years, breakeven on all costs, built-in equity on each single-family home of a minimum of $100,000, and your ownership of a brand new rented townhome that comes with zero property tax for 10 years.